‘Warcraft’ Movie Trailer Coming in November

‘Warcraft’ Movie Trailer Coming in November

Duncan Jones, the English writer and director of the independent science-fiction films Moon and Source Code, has been at Comic-Con this past week, doing promotional work for his new film Warcraft, based on the popular video game property of the same name from Blizzard Entertainment. Serving as a part of Legendary Pictures’ Comic-Con push for the film, posters were unveiled for the characters Sir Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) – pictured above – and the Orc Chieftain, Durotan (Toby Kebbell).

And now with some new information coming from Jones’ official Twitter account, it appears that we might soon be privy to new footage and information beyond what has been offered previously in the occasional teaser image or movie poster.

According to a statement issued on Twitter in the early evening on Saturday, July 11th, Jones and Legendary Pictures are set to release the first feature-length trailer for Warcraft sometime in November.

What’s more, Jones is poised to produce two more films after the first one, aiming to write and direct a complete trilogy set in the Blizzard franchise fantasy realm. While the stalwart independent genre filmmaker is careful in his stipulations on the continuation of the Warcraft film series regarding his personal involvement, noting that he hopes to release a more personal project before Warcraft comes out (the project to which he is referring being the forthcoming Mute), the director is eager to continue working with Blizzard’s Warcraft creator Chris Metzen in the continuation of the popular video game franchise for the big screen in what had been initially conceived as a trilogy of feature films.

Based on the fact that all of this new information is coming directly from the horse’s mouth, there is reason to anticipate a full-on, orcs versus humans type of story, as Jones appears to be angling for an epic fantasy on par with both The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. And based on the successes of both Moon and Source Code, Jones might just be up to the monumental task of adapting a video game franchise such as this one to the big screen, without sacrificing on psychological nuance or intuitive world-building, especially when considering the wealth of lore pre-established by Chris Metzen that he has to fall back on.

‘Warcraft’ Movie Trailer Coming in November

While video game franchise motion pictures such as this one are potentially problematic to say the least (see this summer’s impending Hitman: Agent 47), Jones appear to have his head on straight regarding the production of Warcraft, and if all of the right pieces continue to fall together as nicely as they have so far, we might just have a medieval epic on our hands in 2016 set to rival that of American novelist George R.R. Martin. What’s more, with Blizzard’s chief game designer and creator Chris Metzen working closely behind the scenes with Jones, perhaps the new Warcraft film will provide an avenue into the video game franchise for those of us less inclined to play fetch-quest heavy, action-adventure RPGs.

That being said, and with the film still a little less than a year away, we’ll have to hold our breath for now until the trailer releases this fall before making any wider claims regarding the supported mythology and narrative ingenuity of Legendary Pictures’ forthcoming video game adaptation.

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Warcraft will see a theatrical release on June 10th, 2016. The first trailer will debut


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