Star Wars: Lucasfilm Executive Team is 50 Percent Female

Star Wars: Lucasfilm Executive Team is 50 Percent Female
Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey and BB 8 Star Wars: Lucasfilm Executive Team is 50 Percent Female

Kayleen Walters, the VP of franchise marketing spoke up about some of the unhealthy attitudes that have held women back in the past.

“There’s a stereotype that when you have too many women in a room, it’s going to be catty. It’s nothing like that at all here. I call up Rhonda [Hjort, deputy chief counsel] or Lori [Aultman, vp finance] for advice. The more we support each other, the better we all do.”

Lucasfilm has begun a number of internships and academic programs to bring more women into the technical careers of the entertainment industry. Kennedy doesn’t think the male domination of Hollywood is inevitable and believes that it is each individual company’s job to ensure a healthy demographic balance.

“You have to cast a broader net when you’re interviewing and looking at possible prospects. In the creative community, there’s no excuse for not making a more equitable environment. It literally comes down to companies that just aren’t trying hard enough.”

Hollywood may have a long way left to go in ensuring that people from all walks of life have a voice, but Lucasfilm is showing that it’s possible. Even of the social value of this isn’t apparent to all, at least The Force Awakens‘ record-setting domestic box office ensures there’s an economic one.


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