Sicario Writer Explains Why Emily Blunt Won’t Be In the Sequel

Sicario Writer Explains Why Emily Blunt Won't Be In the Sequel
sicario 2 sequel benicio del toro director Sicario Writer Explains Why Emily Blunt Wont Be In the Sequel

For those who haven’t checked out Sicario yet, the thriller follows Mercer on a special government mission along the America-Mexico border after a failed drug bust. The team’s mission is to take down the infamous drug boss Manuel Diaz, who has a total monopoly over all the trafficking in the region. Her task force is led by the charismatic but mysterious Matt Reeves (Josh Brolin). Accompanying them is the razor-sharp Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro), a prosecutor turned mercenary that has a personal vendetta against Diaz. Because Mercer was the (relatively) innocent one in all this, she became the fish out of water, so to speak. That said, it’s odd to think she will not be returning for Soldado. The fortunate part of this new development is that Sicario focused just as much on Mercer as it did on Gillick. That means that the sequel will have plenty of room to explore his character, even though he will not be chaperoning Mercer in the process.

It’s a true godsend that Lionsgate has given Sicario this opportunity. But in the big scheme of things, it is a little bittersweet. The studio wanted Villeneuve to come back for the sequel, but he is currently busy doing Blade Runner 2049. Adding on that Mercer’s morally sound mind will not be present could make fans that much more skeptical about Soldado. The good part is that the anthology style of the sequel will allow for some interesting detours into the drug world. Let’s hope these changes are for the better.

Soldado and Sicario 3 are currently without release dates, but we will keep you updated as these projects develop.


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